Welcome to Biotech Careers

Why have we built this site?

Our goal is to serve students and others who are considering biotech careers by providing information about the careers in the biotech industry that do not require advanced degrees.

We began this site because we noticed that many science career sites take the opposite approach.  They focus on the small percent of industrial science jobs that require a Ph.D.  Not only is this practice misleading, it may be harmful.  We suspect that the practice of limiting job descriptions to those requiring advanced degrees makes science careers seem out of reach and may keep many students from considering science careers. 

We're here to correct the impression that science jobs require a Ph.D.  Like many other industries, a large fraction of the jobs in biotech are held by people with Bachelors and Associates degrees.  A frequent combination is a Bachelors degree from a four-year college with a community college degree or certificate in Biotechnology.

Who are we?

We are Biotech Careers. Biotech Careers was originally developed by Digital World Biology as part of the company's participation in the Bio-Link grant project. Bio-Link was funded by the National Science Foundation's Advanced Technology Education program as a national center of excellence in biotechnology education. Bio-Link funding ended in Aug of 2018 and Digital World Biology has, since then, continued the development and support of the site. 

What can you do at this site?

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How can you do this? Read on.


Learn biotech terms

The home page has a section called "Learn the Lingo".  

1.  Click within the Learn the Lingo section to go to the quiz page. 

2.  The quiz page has flash cards that will help you learn some of the most common biotech abbreviations.  

Be sure to study these before your first interview!

Click the image to practice your biotech knowledge

Learn About Careers 

Select the careers link to see an overview of careers in biotechnology.  View list of entry level job then select a job to investigate.

Each job page has a description of the job, salary information, education requirements and links to colleges that offer related certificates and pre-set job searches.

Careers Page

Find out about interesting job areas

There are many interesting job areas in biotech and many jobs can fit into a job area. In Biotech-Careers.org there are two ways to learn about job areas. The first is to click the Job Area link at the top of each page. From the list that is returned, choose one of the job areas to see a description and find related jobs, blogs, alumni profiles, and videos related to that area. The second way to learn about a job area is to click a Job Area link in the right hand side menu. In this menu the size and color of a Job Area indicates the number of jobs that are associated with it. 

Job Area pages link to related job areas, and, if content has been tagged with the job area it will be shown on the page too. 

Job Area Page

Hear from the people who work in biotech companies

We have videos that present different careers and alumni profiles from former students describing what it's like to work in different areas of biotech.  

Select the links to Profiles or Videos to view these types of content.

That's not all!  

We're really interested in what will make the site work best for you.  Please send us your feedback!  And share the site with your friends and instructors.