Monsanto 2016 Corn and Soybean Breeding Internship and Co-ops

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"The main object of the internship and co-op experience is to expose young professionals to the multidisciplinary environment of industry with the hope that will influence their professional decisions. 
Plant breeding paid internships are three (3) month assignments. 
Only students that intend to return to academic studies the following fall semester are eligible to enroll in this program. 
The primary objective of the program is to create opportunities for experiential learning at a commercial plant breeding program. At the completion of the program, each intern presents her/his findings to an audience of peers and to Monsanto Breeding Team Leads. End of summer presentations are hosted at a designated Monsanto site, where students network with scientists and learn more about future career opportunities at Monsanto. 
Plant breeding paid Co-ops require a six (6) month commitment. 
Students sit out a full academic semester (June-December 2016). Please apply only if you are certain of your willingness and ability to commit to the full duration of the assignment. "

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Location(s): Missouri