Putting Careers into Biotech Careers

Biotech Careers - Career and Internship filters

We recently updated Biotech-Careers.org to identify biotechnology companies that have career and (or) internship pages. Almost half (over 3900) of the nearly 8000 companies in the database have one or more "Careers" pages on their websites as of today (June 9, 2020). A company's "careers" page(s) often describe a company's team, culture, and provide links to available jobs. A much smaller number of companies (close to 100) have one or more internship pages. 

Getting to a company's "Career" page

Any page that presents a map and (or) list of companies now includes two new filters: Career Information and Internship Information. Both filters have Reset and Yes radio buttons. To see companies that have career information click Yes under "Career Information," and then click "Apply" to filter the data. Similarly, companies that have internship information can be identified by clicking "Yes," and then "Apply" under "Internship Information" the Reset radio buttons clear the respective filters.

Once data are filtered, you can find company career and (or) internship pages by navigating to the company's page on Biotech-Careers.org and clicking the career or internship links. From maps, click a blue icon to open a box with the company's name and then click the company name. If numbers are shown in colored circles, click the circle to zoom into the map, then click the "+" button in the upper left corner until  blue droplet icons appear. If you're using a phone or other mobile device, double tap on a circle or use a "pinch spread" gesture. In the list below a map, in activity group pages or company core activity pages, click the company name link. From tables, click the company name link.

Filter panel appears on map pages and tables that display biotech companies


Company Page in Biotech Careers

Example company page with links to the company's career and internship pages


Submitted by Todd Smith on Tue June 09, 2020.

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