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Agilvax Albuquerque Vaccines VLP vaccines
Alltech Clovis Veterinary, Nutritional Supplements, Agriculture Alltech is a leading global biotechnology company that manufactures innovative supplements for animal health and nutrition.
Apogee Spirulina Santa Fe Algae, Food Apogee Spirulina makes spirulina food products that can be used in multiple recipes from vegan chocolate spirulina balls to spirulina chia pudding.
Armonica Technologies Albuquerque DNA Sequencing, Instrumentation Armonica Technologies is an early stage medtech company developing its proprietary long-read sequencing platform for precision medicine applications. Armonica’s approach employs nanochannels to
BennuBio Albuquerque Flow Cytometry, Instrumentation BennuBio is developing its VeloCyt flow cytometer platform, which uses acoustic technology to measures cellular properties, model tissue systems, small organisms, and other particles.
BioFlyte Albuquerque Mass Spectrometry, Biodefense BioFlyte is commercializing a new class of fieldable aerosol mass spectrometers and complementary products for protection from biological and low-volatility chemical threats.
Biophagy Albuquerque Drug Discovery Identifying drugs that modulate autophagy
Circular Genomics Albuquerque RNA, Neurobiology Circular Genomics is a biotechnology and genomics company with a vision to use circular RNAs as novel and improved biomarkers for the diagnosis and better treatment of psychiatric and neurological
City of Santa Fe Waste Water Treatment Plant Santa Fe Water It is the primary mission and objective of the Wastewater Management Division to ensure that all sanitary sewage produced within the City's service area is collected, conveyed and treated in
Curia Albuquerque Contract Research, Drug Discovery, Drug Development, Contract Manufacturing, Biologics, Laboratory Services Curia (formerly Albany Molecular Research), a global contract research and manufacturing organization, partners with the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to improve patient outcomes and
Exagen Diagnostics Albuquerque Diagnostics Diagnostics
Indica Labs Corrales Pathology, Medical Imaging, Artificial Intelligence Indica Labs develops software and services for pathology labs.
Intellicyt Albuquerque Antibodies, Immunology Antibody Screening Solutions
Leprino Foods Roswell Food, Nutrition, Dairy Leprino Foods is one of the world’s largest mozzarella cheese makers. The company is also a top producer of whey protein and dairy ingredients.
Los Alamos National Laboratory Los Alamos Genomics, Research LANL conducts basis research in many areas including DNA sequencing and genetics.
nanoMR Albuquerque Cell Products Cell Isolation Technology
Nature's Toolbox (NTx) Rio Rancho Bioinformatics, Biomanufacturing, Synthetic Biology, Cell-Free Nature's Toolbox, Inc. (NTx) is an early stage biomanufacturing and bioinformatics company based in Santa Fe, NM. The company has developed a proprietary host-independent biological manufacturing and
Photon Systems Instruments Albequerque Plant Growth, Digital Phenotyping, Laboratory Equipment Photon Systems Instruments (PSI) develops and provides sophisticated, high-end scientific instrumentation for research in biological sciences. PSI provides devices for laboratory, greenhouse and
Qualitas Health Columbus Algae, Nutritional Supplements Qualitas Health produces nutritional products such as omega-3 fatty acids from microalgae. The nutritional supplements include Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA), omega-3, omega-7 (palmitoleic acid) ,
Rennova Health Las Cruces Diagnostics Test for prescription medications, drugs of abuse and other substances in urine drug testing and comprehensive pain medication testing. Also provide clinical lab testing, including general chemistry
Respira Therapeutics Santa Fe Inhalables Inhaler Innovation
Sandia National Laboratories Albuquerque Government, Research National Security is Sandia's business. They apply science to help detect, repel, defeat, or mitigate threats. For more than 60 years, Sandia has delivered essential science and technology to resolve
Specifica Santa Fe Antibodies The company specializes in antibody discovery through the creation of antibody libraries.
Specifica Los Alamos Antibodies The company specializes in antibody discovery through the creation of antibody libraries.
Trait Biosciences Los Alamos Cannabis, Agbiotech, Plant Breeding Trait Biolabs is working to make safer hemp and cannabis products by modifying cannabinoids to make them water soluble.
TriCore Reference Laboratory Albuquerque Diagnostics, Services Reference laboratory and related services
Viome Los Alamos Bioinformatics, Microbiome Viome analyzes your microbiome and uses artificial intelligence to process the results and provide dietary advice.
Zocere Albuquerque Therapeutics Post-stroke injectable drug, tyrosine phosphatase derivative
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