Laboratory Safety Associate

Laboratory Safety Associates, sometimes described as Lab Safety Officers or Lab Safety Specialists, are responsible for maintaining a safe and healthy work environment and ensuring that the workplace complies with government regulations.

A Lab Safety Associate is expected to be familiar with routine laboratory safety standards.  These would include procedures for safe handling of blood-borne pathogens, and chemical and radioactive waste.  This person might also instruct others on these procedures and maintain documentation to show that lab personnel have completed courses in material handling. This person would be expected to be familiar with regulations from the EPA, OSHA, and GOP standards and directives.

A Lab Safety Associate might be expected to develop and deliver safety training to staff and document attendance.  They might be responsible for maintaining a suitable inventory of safety equipment and materials (lab coats, face shields, chemical hazard kits, first aid supplies). They would be in charge of maintaining records related to safety and and inventory of chemicals.

Education & Training: 

A two year associates degree is often sufficient.  Certificates in biosafety and hazardous materials handling are helpful.

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