Research Associate II, Animal Facility

Jonathan shares his career journey from working as a veterinary technician to working at City of Hope, cancer treatment and research center.

What biotechnology program did you attend?
Citrus College in California. 

What degrees or certificates have you completed?
I started out at El Camino Community College, completed a Bachelors in Animal Science at Cal Poly San Louis Obispo, studied music at Ohlone College and Cerritos College, than completed a Biomanufacturing degree at Citrus College.

What can you tell us about your career path?
I worked as an animal technician at the University of South California, then as a Research Support Specialist at City of Hope.  I worked to help researchers meet their animal production goals and did colony management. Now, I'm a Research Associate II.

What do you do for your job?
I provide technical support to the gnotobiotic and transgenic animal core lab at City of Hope's Center for Comparative Medicine.