Senior Assembly Technician

Tabor is a Biologist / Senior Assembly Technician in Florida. According to Grindrod, the BACE helped him find a research position while he was a student. Now he helps fight COVID-19.

Where did you attend college?
The University of Florida.

What degree or certificate(s) do you hold?
I have a Bachelors degree in Biology from the University of Florida, and the BACE credential from Biotility.

Where are you currently working?
CURIS Decontamination

What is your job title?
Biologist / Senior Assembly Technician

What you do for your job?
I work as both a biologist and senior assembly technician.  In my manufacturing role, I assemble the CURIS Decontamination machines.  Our company uses these to decontaminate environments and kill pathogens.  In my science role, I write blogs and research papers about the company's products. CURIS's decontamination machine kills disease-causing microbes by creating a fog with hydrogen peroxide.  The machine has been added to the EPA's List N and can be used against SARS-CoV-2. The hands-on work assembling the decontamination machines really helps me understand the inner mechanisms that make the machine function.

I also set up research projects to help the company explore new ideas for decontamination.

How did you decide on a biotechnology career?
I completed the BACE (Biotechnician Assistant Credentialing Exam) in high school.  The BACE was invaluable in helping me to get into the University of Florida, and in finding my way into a research lab at the university. 

In college, I gained a lot of experience volunteering in a research laboratory. This experience was incredibly helpful for my future. Knowing how to use the lab equipment, a skill I learned when preparing for the BACE, gave me a huge edge when I was applying to labs. From academics to the industry, the lab skills and credential I got for them gave me an edge over my peers and were well worth the effort.

What do you like best about this career?
I love the freedom of the job. I am allowed to work on a wide variety of different and exciting projects, and I always find myself working at the front edge of the decontamination field. I enjoy being at the forefront of research and development in the industry.

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