Creating better hair with Aja Labs

Aja Labs is creating biodegradable hair from plant fibers that behaves just like human hair. To do this, they are using polymer engineering and bioengineering to produce a sustainable and non-toxic product. Their Demo Day video from IndieBio, a company in San Francisco that helps start ups, is shown below.

According Aja Labs, synthetic hair extensions irritate people's scalps because they contain harmful substances and volatile organic compounds that were created by the chemical processing used in their manufacture. Even worse, those hair products are made from petroleum products and often end up in a landfill after a single use (1)

To solve this problem, Aja Labs created Nourie, a non-toxic fiber for braiding hair made from plant materials.  

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1.  Ojeaga, Osahon, 2021 Hair Extensions and Its Impact on Planetary Health.

Entrepreneurs making sustainable beauty products
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